Regatta 360 is a 30 minute class that offers structured interval rowing segments on and off the erg aiming to raise your heart rate and challenge major and minor muscle groups throughout your whole body. Instructors will lead you through cardio intervals on the erg along with strength and mobility movements on the mat for a total body workout.


Our instructors will push you to your max in our signature 20 minute class.  With a focus on lower body, upper body, core or mobility Regatta Focus is the perfect mix of cardio intervals on the erg and strength training moves on the mat. 


Kick it up a notch this effective sweat induced, heart-pounding workout. Join our crew in a 45 minute sweat session that will push you to your max. Expect to spend 50% of the time on the erg and the other 50% wishing you were still rowing. This class will challenge you both physically and mentally no matter what level or experience you are. 


Regatta 15 is the perfect workout to do when time is limited or you are on the go.  With a variety of 15 minute classes you will find something that fits exactly what you need.  Great for when you are traveling and can’t bring your erg with you or when you want to create your own workout and layer a few together.  


Regatta Recovery classes provide you with the perfect way to start and end a workout with dedicated warm up and cool down moves. These will help engage blood flow to keep muscles from tensing up and joints from tightening. 

 Rowing is one of the most efficient cardio workouts, utilizing 85% of your muscles and burning 600-800 calories per hour.  Additionally, it is low-impact & friendly for all fitness levels, which is why rowing is at the core of our fitness method.  It also doesn't hurt that it's just plain fun.


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