Gift $15 to your friends & get $15!!

This Thanksgiving, Regatta would like give a special thanks to our Annual Subscribers. We truly appreciate your commitment to us, and now want to help you pay the love forward. 


This week, for everyone you encourage to purchase an Annual Subscription with Regatta, we will give you and your friend each a $15 Amazon Gift card.


For you, it’s our way to say thanks. For your friends, they receive an extra 10% off an Annual Membership!


To participate, contact your friends individually via email and tell them the good news. Then fill in the form below and include their email addresses so you can get credit for the referrals. If they buy an Annual Membership then you both win!  There’s no limit on how many people you recommend or # cards you receive!

Thank you for helping to grow our community.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!​

Note: We will not use email addresses for any other purpose than to validate participation and annual subscriptions. Gift cards will be sent once the membership and referring member can be verified. Only Annual Membership purchases qualify. 

Thanks for sharing the love!