4 Great Benefits of Working Out at Home

Updated: May 22, 2020

Stay fit and healthy while saving time and money.

According to the latest Mindbody’s 2020 Wellness Index report, time and money constraints are the biggest obstacles to living a healthy life.

46% of women and 37% of men reported money constraints as the No.1 reason for not being able to pursue their health and fitness goals, finding enough time placed second, followed by difficulties of holding oneself accountable.

Recently, another factor hinders people from working out: the fear of catching germs at the gym.

One solution to these challenges could be virtual workouts that people can do at home.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider starting a home exercise program:

#1 Virtual home exercise programs save time

Time constraints are among the top excuses for people to skip workouts or to drop out of exercise programs altogether.

One way to stick to a fitness routine is to work out at home. You'll save time driving to the gym or finding a parking spot and avoid the lost time in changing rooms getting ready to exercise.

Home workouts also allow you the freedom to quickly take care of issues that are more difficult and time-consuming at the gym in-between your workout, like bathroom breaks, quick checks on the kids or finding an open machine. Even when working from home is much easier to squeeze a 20-30 min workout session into your schedule.

#2 Virtual workouts are affordable

Gym memberships have become increasingly expensive especially for boutique studio concepts that can run hundreds of dollars per month. On top of that, many of them charge additional fees for instructor-led group training classes like spinning.

Home-based options are much more affordable and offer a personal connection with others at a fraction of the cost. And when it comes to group workouts, home solutions offer much more schedule flexibility and variety than your gym's limited availability.

Instead, you can find memberships for virtual training programs or communities for less than $20 per month, which can be the equivalent of a single class (depending on your workout choice).

#3 You don't have to leave your house to enjoy your workout

Working out at home gives you privacy while it allows you to connect with other people virtually.

Many workout apps have built-in functions to compare and share results with a community that sweats with you.

Apart from that, virtual classes led by professional instructors will make you feel like being in a studio surrounded by like-minded people.

Another reason that might make you want to trade your usual gym class with a virtual workout is to avoid contact and thus minimize the chance of catching or spreading germs.

The New York Times recently released an article to help you avoid getting the CoronaVirus at the gym. It offers a lot of great advice for keeping healthy from any droplet-base germs during your workout.

#4 Most virtual workout programs help you to hold yourself accountable.

Many people have issues motivating themselves to eat healthily or to exercise regularly.

Fortunately, there are many ways to hold yourself accountable, including:

- Tracking your progress

- Joining a (virtual) community that sweats with you

- Sharing your results with others (e.g. on social media).

So, if you're shopping around for fitness apps or other virtual workout programs, try to find ones that allow you to connect with others, track your progress, and share your results.

How can you find an effective home exercise program?

The most challenging aspects of working out at home include finding effective exercise programs, selecting safe exercises, and staying motivated.

Exercise apps and videos that provide you with professionally developed workouts can, therefore, be a great option to start or continue your fitness journey.

While you can find numerous videos and work-out tips on YouTube or other social media platforms, consider getting quality advice and professional instruction from apps that are built and managed by fitness experts.

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