Regatta - The Future of Indoor Rowing and Crosstraining

Updated: May 22, 2020

Workout with world-class Instructors - in your living room

Regatta Fitness is a platform for connecting people virtually for live fitness activities, or what the co-founders call “social fitness.” Its mission is to enable group workout experiences that enhance motivation, inspiration, commitment, and lead to improved fitness results and health.

Connected users access live and on-demand cross-training classes led by expert coaches and have access to real-time performance metrics including leaderboards.

Unlike some brands, purchasing expensive equipment isn’t required. instead, Regatta’s apps are wirelessly compatible with popular exercise machines for easy access at home, gyms and while traveling.

Regatta Fitness's first offering, a rowing-based experience launched in early 2019, allows for group classes and competition. Rowing machines have become increasingly popular because they offer a combination of full-body strength and cardio workouts. Even if rowing workouts can be intense, they have a generally lesser impact on joints, which makes them a healthy alternative to running.

Regatta Fitness's HD content is engaging and visually attractive due to technological prowess and a production team of sports broadcasting veterans that also serve major Boston venues like TD Garden and Fenway Park.

Regatta Fitness was founded by Mike Pierce and Rich Connor. A tech innovator and entrepreneur with several companies and a patent under his belt, Mike’s passion for fitness began in elementary school when he competed in road races and wrestling. He went on to become a Navy SEAL and later competed in triathlons and adventure races while attending Harvard Business School. Mike’s experience as a SEAL taught him how incredible the “power of together is so much greater than of one alone,” a belief which is core to the Regatta experience. The busy dad of three found it challenging to get to group training sessions; working out at home was convenient, but he missed the camaraderie and shared energy. His search for a solution revealed he wasn’t alone and few products delivered that kind of experience for any exercise machine.

Also a tech pioneer, Rich spent over 26 years at Fidelity Investments (where he and Mike met) delivering online products and experiences for its retail and institutional arms. The inventive platforms and features he supported routinely helped land the company in the #1 broker spot in the financial services industry. When Mike approached Rich with the idea for Regatta it was a no brainer because he agreed that the model is the future of fitness.

Regatta Fitness is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Users from all over the world including the U.S., Germany, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. have joined the Regatta Team through their mobile devices.

"The Regatta app is a total game-changer.  As a runner, these workouts keep me injury-free and strong.  With the New England weather, I'm glad to have a cardio option in the comfort of my own home".

- Kate, Boston MA

Join classes featuring world-class instructors who guide and inspire you through our indoor rowing, yoga, strength, or HIIT workouts. Our portable iOS app combines streaming HD video, heart-pumping music, real-time metrics, and a competitive leaderboard.

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