Join a Virtual Rowing Class

A virtual rowing class can give your training a boost with the camaraderie of rowing along with others, the coordination of music to your strokes, and the encouragement of a trainer. Working out at home on your own RowErg gives you the flexibility to schedule in your class, even on the busiest of days. “I love seeing familiar faces in my regular training class,” explains Patrick, who uses various apps, including Regatta, for his training. “Joining Regatta allows me to get in my regular 30 minutes of exercise, even when I’m juggling work and home.”

There are now more ways than ever to join a class through technology. Some classes are offered live, which means many instructors can give you real-time feedback on your technique and progress. Others are pre-recorded and available on-demand, giving you more flexibility to join at any time of day (or night!).

What You Can Expect Teachers will usually outline your workout and provide stroke-by-stroke instruction. We recommend perching your device nearby so you can follow along to the video. (Wireless headphones can also be helpful.) You may have options to share your own video, which can be particularly helpful for live instruction and technique coaching. And if you prefer to keep your camera off, many classes allow you to join with or without your video on.

Regatta offers both live and on-demand classes, with video, music, real-time metrics and a leaderboard. You can connect your PM5 to share your rowing data. Classes offer both on- and off-machine workouts, keeping classes constantly varied.