It's Still Time to Join The Team Regatta Fitness Challenge

Beat the "Quarantine 15" and stay fit

It's been 15 days since we've started the Team Regatta Fitness Challenge - how is everybody doing?

While gyms are still closed, the current COVID-19 crisis is no reason to drop out of your fitness routine entirely.

If you have access to a rowing machine, you can use the Regatta Fitness App to enjoy intense indoor rowing, HITT, or Rowing-Yoga workouts with world-class instructors.

If you can only spare 5 minutes for your daily workouts, it's still time to join our Regatta Fitness Challenge:

In April we will post a daily exercise video featuring our Regatta Instructors, who will share their favorite exercises that you can do WITHOUT any equipment and minimal space requirements.

Follow us on Instagram @regatta-fitness for more. We’d also like to know how you're holding up to our challenge. Please post videos and images and use #regattafitness.

Today's workout is a full-body workout with Sydney:

Stay fit, stay healthy!

Your Team Regatta

*Please check in with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program if you're suffering from any sports injury or chronic condition.

Join classes featuring world-class instructors who guide and inspire you through on and off machine workouts. Our portable iOS app combines streaming HD video, heart-pumping music, real-time metrics, and a competitive leaderboard.

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