As the daughter of a professional boxer, Ashley grew up wanting to be an Olympic runner and an actress. Although she spent most of my childhood and teens pursuing athletics, she decided that majoring in theatre would be the path that led to the most fulfillment. While pursuing an MFA in Acting from Brown University, she got a concussion that totally rewired her perspective. Ashley decided to focus on living her best life in a way that combined everything important to her. Being an artist and an athlete are not mutually exclusive, and Ashley is grateful to have started a career path that allows her to do both on a daily basis.


What drew you to a career in fitness?  

Where I grew up in New Jersey doesn’t have a big fitness scene, so I really thought my only options were to personal train- which doesn’t fully utilize my skill set. It wasn’t until my first SoulCycle class that I realized “instructor” is a career. So, I went all in!


If you were not in the fitness industry, where else could you see yourself?

That’s not even a thought I’m willing to entertain!


Why are you excited to join the Regatta Fitness team?

Regatta offers the unique opportunity to teach on camera to people all over the world! Rowing is an awesome mode of cardiovascular and strength training, and the floor exercises provide the opportunity to work with your own bodyweight as a form of resistance. It’s no frills, and nothing but upside.

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