Katie, who goes by KT, has always had a lot of energy to burn. Growing up she was a racer for a local ski mountain and played soccer. These days she still plays soccer and skis but enjoys so much more. Shortly after completing her 200 hour RYT certification in 2008 she decided to leave her corporate job to teach yoga full time. A few months into it she realized that she could assist her students in more than just their yoga practice. Since then she has racked up more certifications: Spinning, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Ballet Barre and CrossFit Level 1. She even started teaching Physical Education in 2019; hardest job of them all! Watching her students grow stronger inside and out is what keeps her going everyday. There is no where else she would rather be in life. 

What drew you to a career in fitness?  

I've been involved in sports and fitness most of my life. I played soccer and raced for the Loon Ski Team growing up. My fitness evolved as I grew older and after years of running, hours at the gym and a challenging career in Customer Service I found Yoga. I completed my 200 hour RYT in 2008 and quickly realized this is where my heart was.


If you were not in the fitness industry, where else could you see yourself?

 I actually cannot see myself anywhere but in the Health & Wellness industry! I think I would be a Wellness Coordinator for a company if I were to do something else, but I will never stop teaching. 


Why are you excited to join the Regatta Fitness team?

I am excited to join the Regatta Fitness team because this is the future of fitness! How amazing is it that we can help people with their fitness right from their home or local gym?! This team has been so fun, friendly and welcoming that I look forward to heading to the studio each week. I've been doing small videos for my students through social media but now I am part of team that creates professional videos and has a bigger reach of students!

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