Mount iPad or iPhone to any Concept2® rowing machine.

Select a class based on time, intensity or focus.

Track & save your metrics for the full interactive experience.

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Apple iPad®  or iPhone®


You will need an Apple iPad® or iPhone® running the latest iOS. The Regatta App will work on any 2nd generation or later iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad Mini. It will also work on any 6th generation or later iPhone. It doesn’t work on Android devices yet but we’re working on those soon.

Get the Regatta App

You will find the Regatta App in the Apple App Store. If you have a promotional code, you should redeem that first and the app will install after. 


Find a Concept2 Rower (Erg)


The Regatta App will only work on Concept2®s world leading rowing ERGs that have a PM5 monitor. If you have a Concept2® ERG but an older model monitor (PM3, PM4, etc.), you can find instructions on the Concept2 website to easily retrofit to a PM5.  If you do not own a Concept2 Erg, you can find which gyms have one using Concept2’s online locator. - or find a friend who has one and doesn’t mind if you crush it on theirs. 


Attaching your iPad to a Concept2 rower can be achieved using any number of mounts. We recommend Concept2’s iPad mount shown here. You can also use a standard clamp mount like the Arkon Gooseneck mount which Susan walks through in the video below.


You can find other options on websites like


To mount your iPhone to your erg, we recommend using the Concept2® Smartphone Cradle 










Once you have everything set up and have downloaded the Regatta App, connecting it to the PM5 is easy and quick. Here’s a short video from Susan to help you with that: 

Since your hands will be busy gripping the erg handle or doing floor exercises, we recommend using a wireless set of headphones (like JBL) or a wireless floor speaker. Connect it to your iPad using its Bluetooth wireless connection and the Regatta app will play through those. 

Questions? Ideas?! Let us know!!!


If you have any other questions, we recommend checking out our FAQs page. If you have any cool ideas for others to share, let us know and we will give you full credit on our blog!!


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