Hallie Savage was first introduced to personal training and yoga in 2009 as part of her treatment plan while staying at an inpatient rehabilitation center for eating disorders in Malibu, California. She found solace, strength and resilience in yoga. After returning home to Boston, Massachusetts she committed to continuing and deepening her yoga practice. 

In 2014, after some reflection, she took the opportunity to follow her yoga dream and inspire others with the gift that yoga gave her. Hallie received her 200 hour RYT from South Boston Yoga and started as a full time yoga instructor as soon as she graduated. 

Hallie strives to educate her students about correct alignment, encourages her students to experiment with new positions, and maintains a safe, fun environment. She is fully dedicated to helping her yogis grow physically and mentally in strength, balance, concentration and flexibility.


What drew you to a career in fitness?  

Honestly I was devastated at the time I was laid off from my corporate job and had signed a non-compete that took me out of the industry for a year. I took 6 months and mostly spent my time sitting at the dog park with my two rescue pups from Puerto Rico (Bella & Jaden) and thought about next steps. No job out there seemed quite right-and trust me I looked and applied and interviewed for anything and everything. One day an idea popped into my head and I thought I wonder if I could be a yoga instructor. I googled “Boston yoga teacher trainings” and South Boston Yoga had an intensive 200 hour RYT training with one spot remaining that started the next week. I dove in and haven’t looked back since. 


If you were not in the fitness industry, where else could you see yourself?

I would lean on my degree in Geography and go back to the industry I was in previously, mapping and research for natural hazard reports. I’m a big map and weather nerd. 


Why are you excited to join the Regatta Fitness team?

I was part of a crew team in high school, and I understand how much of a beating your body can take with rowing and how important it is to find other modalities to create a well rounded exercise routine. I absolutely love that Regatta Fitness is looking at the whole picture of individuals, and offers so much to make the experience unique and tailored to that person. This is not only by having content that one can access as their schedule allows, but also offering depth within the programs-understanding that life is about finding balance, discovering and trying new things, all while having a bit of fun! 

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