Frequently asked questions

Do I have to buy a new rowing machine?

No, not if you already have access to a Concept2® rowing machine with a PM5 console (e.g. you own one or one is at your gym). You may only need to upgrade the console if you have a PM3 or PM4 version, which can be purchased at the Concept2 website.

Can I use my Android phone?

Unfortunately at this time the Regatta App is only available for select iPad & iPhone models, but Android versions are planned.

How much does it cost?

Regatta Fitness is offering a 15-day free trial, after which the subscription is $19.99 per month. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you save even more - $12.49 per month.

What rowing machines does your app connect to?

We currently connect to Concept2® rowers via Bluetooth wireless.

How do I physically connect the iPad or iPhone to my rower?

If you wish to attach your iPad to your ERG for easier viewing, we recommend getting a clamp mount. The Arkon Gooseneck mount ($35 on their website) can easily attach to the monitor arm of the ERG. To attach your iPhone, we recommend using the Concept2® Smartphone Cradle.

Can you tell me more about your instructors?

Our instructors are nationally certified personal and group trainers with deep experience teaching live classes that combine cardio, strength and mobility exercises. They work at leading brand name boutique gyms and have developed some of the most proven formats in the industry. Each instructor brings a unique style and specialty to Regatta Fitness, but all excel at making meaningful connections with their clients.

Do you have rowing expertise on the team?

Our rowing advisor is a former All American Rower and US National Rowing team member, and currently coaches a nationally ranked Division I rowing team. Our advisor trains the Regatta team in proper technique and helps develop our unique fitness programming that enables people to use rowing as a means for better health.

Can you tell me more about your team?

The Regatta Fitness team is composed of an array of individuals with expertise in cross-training fitness, rowing, digital app experience development, brand marketing, and live video production. Our advisory panel includes people with deep experience in digital businesses and the fitness industry. Regatta Fitness is led by Mike Pierce, the founder and CEO. Meet the Crew

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Boston, but our classes can be streamed anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Starting this December 2018, you can download the Regatta app from the Apple App Store. Our app connects to the PM5 console on Concept2® rowers via Bluetooth wireless, which can be set up in the app. Once connected to your rowing machine, you can take live or on-demand classes through the app with instructors in our Boston broadcast studio. The instructors can see who is in class and everyone’s output on the rowing machine, and will provide coaching and encouragement during the class. In addition to the video, you can see your performance metrics and a leaderboard of everyone in the class.

How is the CrewTrack™ calculated?

Our leaderboard - aka "CrewTrack" - stack ranks everyone based on their total power output as measured in Kilojoules (Watts/Time).

What versions of iPhone and iPad does it work on?

For iPhones, we currently support iPhone 10 model and newer generations running at least iOS version 14.0. For iPads, we currently support iPad Generation 5 and newer generations and iPad Pro Generation 2 and newer. For each iPad model, our app currently works for iOS versions 14.0 and later.