Connor Griffin is a certified Personal Trainer, and teaches a wide range of classes including Bootcamp, AB, Strength training and CrossFit. He believes in helping those who need it most, and creating opportunities for individuals that support completing their goals - physical or mental.


What drew you to a career in fitness?  

As a kid I had some extra weight, and eventually worked hard to lose it. After that transformation, found myself feeling like a new person. I was so passionate about that feeling, I knew I wanted to help others make positive changes in their lives with fitness. 


If you were not in the fitness industry, where else could you see yourself?

I would definitely be playing and coaching rugby!


Why are you excited to join the Regatta Fitness team?

I love rowing and that I can motivate others to sweat with me. I find it incredibly rewarding to help others push themselves every time they join one of my workouts. Being able to connect with so many people is just amazing and I am so passionate about making everyone's day a little better with my workout!

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