As a lifelong athlete and competitor, Beth has a diverse background that includes running, marathon swimming, cycling and skydiving (and pretty much anything that involves wearing helmet). She is known for chasing epic athletic challenges and building programs that promote the sport-specific strength, ability and fitness to complete. She spent years competing in triathlons (Sprint, Olympic & half-iron/70.3 distance), has raced her bike up Mount Washington, tackled adventure racing in the self-supported Sea Summit Triathlon, and recently completed the 20km/12.5mile Swim Around Key West race.  With 20+ years as competitive skydiver, she was part of the 2005 Women’s World Record skydive, and most recently qualified to represent the United States Women’s team in the 2019 FAI World Cup. She has also competed in the emerging field of cycling esports, three times earning a spot to compete on a world stage in the CVR World Cup Physical Esports Competitions, with a podium finish at CVR World Cup Las Angeles. Beth also works as a Media Producer & Content Strategist and resides in the northeastern US with her Husband, two children and her great dane, Tiny.


What drew you to a career in fitness?  

A career in fitness is a natural extension of my passions. I love to help others tackle challenges, test their limits and push themselves (safely) outside their comfort zones.


If you were not in the fitness industry, where else could you see yourself?

I would pursue art and live in a secluded cabin painting happy little trees. 


Why are you excited to join the Regatta Fitness team?

I hope to motivate others to nourish their passions and their bodies.

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